Know Everything About Working In UK While You Study


There are opportunities galore of working and studying in the UK, during your studies and even after your studies. These include vacation work, part time work and even course related job placements. You can learn about various part time jobs made available by consulting notice board close to your institution. You can also look up local newspapers and inquire at job centers. You can also visit your university or college’s career office. Many institutions are equipped with their own ‘job shops’ that issue job vacancy bulletins, holiday vacancies and part time jobs. Other services offered by these institutions help you with training, further studies and employment advice. Some institutions even help you with the job hunting process.

Before you take up a job, make sure you have enough time to devote to it. Your course should be your first priority. Ensure you divide your time strategically and wisely. Don’t allow your work get in the way of your studies.

You are free to work in the UK if you are a European Economic Area National or a Swiss National. However, you need to follow some procedures if you are student applying from outside the European Economic Area.

The work policy for international students is different. It is important to check your visa sticker or passport stamp to ascertain if you are allowed to work. You can check the website of The Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) for additional information.

If your visa or passport allows you to work, you can work so long as the following conditions are met:

1) You don’t run your own business and you are not self emplyed. You don’t provide services as an entertainer or a professional sports person.

2) While doing your vacation work or part time job, the money that you make cannot be used for visa application or your entry clearance. This is to prove that you can meet the cost of living and studying in the UK without depending on employment. You need to provide an evidence of your guaranteed earnings if you wish to include it in your entry/visa clearance application.

3) During your term time, your total working time cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week.

If you are a graduate from a reputed UK higher education institute, with a degree to your credit, you can send a ’stay on’ application and work for a year under the International Graduates Scheme (IGS).You are entitled to work only if you apply within one year of finishing your graduation. Furthermore, all students graduating from a degree, postgraduate course or an HND can apply to stay in Scotland for two more years after graduation, under the Fresh Talent Scotland Initiative.

Know everything about the documents to be submitted with your Visa application

visa application documents

For the “F” applicant, a Form I-20A-B. For the “M” applicant, a Form I-20M-N. [These forms are sent by the institutions where you have applied and upon acceptance they send you these forms which vary according to the type of visa].  Along with this you need to carry: 

1) A nonrefundable application fee (You should find out the exact amount before going to the consulate and carry exact change if possible).

2) An application Form OF-156, completed and signed. Blank forms are available without charge at all U.S. consular offices; You may also download the forms over the web.

3) A passport valid for travel to the United States

4) One photograph 1 and 1/2 inches square (37×37mm) for each applicant, showing full face, without head covering, against a light background; and

5) Sponsorship letters, student visa applicants must establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer that they have binding ties to a residence in a foreign country which they have no intention of abandoning, and that they will depart the United States when they have completed their studies.

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3 most important things about Visa Application

USA student visa applicationAll Indian Nationals who have acquired either US or Foreign citizenship are advised to surrender their Indian Passport to the nearest Indian Mission for cancellation and return.

1) Processing Time:

Applications received at the counter between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. are normally processed the same day and serviced documents can be collected from the counter between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. Applications sent in mail will normally take about 10 working/business days to process from the date of receipt in the Embassy. This time schedule does not apply to services where prior approval is required from authorities in India, or other Indian embassies for non US Resident applicants. During this period the applicants are advised to refrain from making telephonic/written/ email inquires about the status of the application.

2) Following documents are required to be submitted for visa:

1. ”Visa application Form”

a) Visa application form should filled in legibly and clearly, in bold (capital) letters in black/blue ink only. Incomplete and illegible applications may not be processed.

b) Name and other relevant particulars should be filled in as per details in the passport in expanded form.

2. Passport, it should have a minimum validity of six months on the date of application with at least two blank pages.

3. Photographs ; 2 latest identical passport size photographs (black/white or color) depicting front pose against light background

4. Supporting documents, if the visa being applied for is other than a Tourist Visa, the visa application should be accompanied with supporting documents on type of visa applied for. For details, please refer to article “Know all about the documents to be submitted with your Visa application”

5. Visa Fee, Please refer to artice “All you want to know about Student Visa fees” for the amount of fee. In case the applications are deposited in person at the counter, visa fee can be paid in cash or by Cashier’s Check/Certified Check or Money Order made payable to the Embassy of India, Washington (PERSONAL CHECKS / CREDIT CARDS are not accepted)

6. Persons of Indian Origin applying for a visa for the FIRST time on US passport must submit their Indian passport along with the application form for cancellation and return. If the visa is required on a new US passport booklet, either previous US passport or photocopy of Indian visa are to be submitted with the application.

Note: All persons of Indian origin who have acquired US citizenship are advised to surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian mission for cancellation and return. The cancelled Indian passports will be needed at the time of applying for Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card or Indian visa for the first time on a US passport.

3) Non-US Citizens: Additional requirements

1. Applicants who are not Citizens of USA, but hold long term US visa or a Green Card should submit a copy of the visa or the Green Card.

2. Applicants who are not citizens/ residents of the USA and hold a tourist or other short-term visa for USA should normally apply for Indian visas in the countries of their permanent residence. In case of emergency or special circumstance, an application could be made at the Indian Embassy in Washington DC or Consulates General of India in the US. In addition to the relevant visa fee they should remit an additional US $ 20 for reference to be made to the country of their original residence. The processing time in such cases is usually 5-7 working days.


(a) Please read the relevant instructions carefully before applying to avoid any inconvenience;

(b) kindly note that the validity of the visa starts from the date of issue and not the date of entry into India)

Special Visa application forms should be filled in by citizens of Pakistan (4 copies with 4 photos) and Bangladesh (2 copies with 2 photos). (It usually takes 3-4 months to process visa applications of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Chinese passport holders).

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Most important step of visa approval process - Proof of Non-Immigrant Intent

non-immigrant intentYou should carry with you documents that demonstrate ties to India and would help convince the counsel of your intent to return. Such documents may include:

1. Proof of land ownership

2. Economic and Social ties are very important: An applicant’s future role in a family business, academic institution, government agency, professional organization are all possibilities. Bring letters from appropriate parties to demonstrate such facts.

3. If other family members have studied in the U.S. and returned it should be mentioned.

4. Letters from prospective employers recognizing the need for specialized training offered in the U.S. can also serve to aid an application in the applicant’s home country.

5. Providing an explanation of why equivalent educational training is not available in your home country, if applicable.

Most importantly, Consular Officials want to hear from the applicant. At no time, is it recommended that the applicants bring family members with them to the interview.

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8 step Foreigners Registration Process in India

1. List of documents which are required at the time of registration with the Foreigners Registration Officers (FRO) in India. This registration is essential for all foreigners having visa for a period exceeding 180 days except the exempted categories and should be done within 14 days of first arrival at the nearest office of the Foreigners Registration Officer.
(i) Photocopy of the passport and initial visa
(ii) Four photographs of the applicant
(iii) Details of residence in India
(iv) HIV test report from one of the WHO recognized Institutions from people in the age group of 15 to 60 years, if the foreigner is visiting India on a visa for more one year.
(v) Copy of the marriage certificate in case of those seeking extension of Stay on ground of being spouse of Indian national.
(vi) Bonafide certificate from the University / College / Institution in case of student visa
(vii) Accreditation certificate from the Press Information Bureau in case of journalist visa
(viii) Approval of the Department of Company Affairs in the case of Board level appointments in Public Limited companies.
(ix) Copy of the approval from Government of India in case of joint venture or collaboration ( in duplicate )
(x) Copy of permission from the RBI in case of business/ joint venture , etc.
(xi) Terms and conditions of appointment and copy of contract or agreement in case o employment visa
(xii) Undertaking from the concerned Indian company on the following lines in case of employment / business visa


We take full responsibility for the activities and conduct of Mr./Mrs.________________________________________________ national of _______________ during his/her stay in India. If anything adverse comes to notice during this period, we undertake to repatriate him/her on our cost.

Date: Signature of Competent Authority


2. Addresses of  Foreigners Registration Officers (FRO) :

i) FRRO , Hans Bhawan ,
Bahadurshah Zafar Marg ,
ITO , New Delhi .
Te1e : 011-3319489

ii) FRRO, Tata Press Building,
2nd Floor. 414 So V. Marg ,
Te1e : 022 -262 1169

iii) FRRO ,
237 , AJC Bose Road ,
Tele : 033 -2470549

iv) CHIO .
Shastri Bhawan Annexe
26 , Haddow Road, Chennai .
Tele : 044 -8277036

At other places .the Superintendents of Police of the Districts are foreigners registration officers .

3. Certificates of registration will be issued by the registration officers. The foreigners should surrender their certificates of registration to the registration officer of the place where they are registered or of the place from they intend to depart or to the immigration officer at the port/check post of exit from India. If the certificate is surrendered to other than the immigration officer at the port/check post of ” exit, the foreigners should produce the receipt indicating such surrender of the document to the,” immigration officer at the port/check post of exit.

4. Registration is required to be done only once during the validity of a visa irrespective of the number of times the foreigner leaves / re-enters India on multi-entry facility .

5. Following categories of foreigners are exempted from registration:

i) US nationals holding 10 year tourist / business visa , provided their continuous stay during each visit does not exceed 180 days .

ii) Foreigners holding five-year tourist visa, who are actively engaged in tourism I travel trade, desirous of visiting India frequently over extended periods for promotion of tourism .etc , provided their visa contains an endorsement that” Continuous stay should not exceed 180 days ” .

iii) PIO card holders , if their continuous stay during each visit does not exceed 180 days.

iv) Foreigners below the age of 16 years .

6. Foreigners can visit restricted / protected areas only after getting a valid permit as visa alone is not enough to visit such places.

7. Foreigners coming from or through yellow fever countries must come with valid vaccination certificate.

8. On arrival/departure, foreigners should fill up Disembarkation /Embarkation cards

4 easy steps to get a Study Visa

now its easy to get a study visaWant to study in US? Now you can follow these 4 easy steps and fulfil your dream

1) Get your passport made.

2) Acceptance of the applicant by an institution of learning for a full course of study is essential. Evidence in support of this requirement consists of a Form I-20 (Certification of Eligibility)
filled out by the accepting school, and signed by the applicant and presented with the visa application.

3) You may need to show the proof of financial support if you or your parents are going to fund your studies in USA. A bank letter may be necessary. You might want to find out from your embassy about the types of documents they may accept regarding the proof of financial support.

Get an “Affidavit of Support” form from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate if the studies are going to be sponsored by your relatives or others who are currently in USA. Complete this form with information about your sources of financing (letter of sponsorship), and submit it along with your other documents. The embassy may require a letter from the bank that holds the funds.

4) Obtain all the necessary documents mentioned above. Now, you are ready to go to the U.S. Consulate for a visa interview. If your visa is rejected twice, you may need to apply by mail. You can apply for a student Visa not earlier than 90 days before the registration date specified on the FORM I-20. If the registration date is already passed or the applicant cannot reasonably expect to arrive at the school by the registration date, the applicant should obtain an amended I-20 or a letter of extension from the issuing institution stating by what date the applicant may arrive.

If you prove to the Consular Official’s satisfaction that you intend to come to the U.S. solely for the purpose of study and will return to India upon completion of the program, a visa stamp will be affixed to a page in your passport. You should apply for a multiple entry F-1 student visa. With a multiple entry visa you can travel between US and India during the duration of your stay in the Unites States. See article about proof of non-immigrant intent

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