Simple Steps Of College Essay Writing

After you complete your background research for essay, it is important to start with essay writing too. To make your essay efficient enough you need to follow some systematic method to write an essay. Following is the step by step approach by which you can easily meet the challenge of writing an essay.

Many a times, best of ideas flash in your mind just before you fall asleep and just after you get up. It is important o grab those ideas and think over them. It is most important and basic step of any writing especially if it is as important write-up as college application essay. It leads you to definite way on the writing essay.

After brainstorming and once you have finalized your topic the next step would be free-writing. You can jot down the points as and when they come across your mind. You can also take help f the research that you must have done for the essay. It might be unorganized piece of writing but you can always manage those things later. What is first important is to jot down critical points that you wish to include in your essay.

Outlining is nothing but organizing the whole essay. Read the free0written piece carefully. Then you can arrange your randomly jotted thoughts in a way you want to. It will give you a specific direction and shape to your essay. Work hard on outlining; it will save your lots of time in long run.

1st Draft:
After outlining you can begin with first draft. New ides might even flow in while you document the first draft. It is the first step towards finalizing the essay.

Revision on essay involves rethinking, rewriting, reviewing rearranging. Lot of editions, deletions and additions take place at this level. Your final output of the essay perhaps be completely different than your first draft. Don’t be surprised if it so!

It is the last step of the essay. One you have completed drafting and revising, it is important to polish the language and vocabulary used. This will help you to gain some extra points and a good impression. So do not neglect doing so.

4 Things to Help You in Background Research for College Essay

College essay involves lots of things before you actually write it. Research is one of the essential parts of the essay developing process. While you do background research for your college essay, you need to keep few essential points in mind. Here are the lists of the things that will help you build your strong essay.

1) Reference Work: Depending on your subject you will need to do lot of research and refer lots of books, journals etc. but don’t get confused. Know the way of your research and then work on it. For example if you are doing an essay on government policies, you will refer lot of legal documents and law journals. However while doing this, keep your theme in mind and don’t go beyond it.

2) Clarification from teacher: If you are confused at any point of time take help of your teacher. They are the best guides to help you out. This is also a quick help for you. Apart from your query, you can also add some simple questions and interviews that will make a good contribution in building your essay.

3) Internet – an Unreliable Source: You can use internet and wikipedia for your reference, but it is always safer to check its reliability. Though it is one of the highly used sources, it may or may not be reliable. Hence it is better to verify the facts from other sources or other portals. Don’t just rely on any one website, may it be even wikipedia. Browse through many website check that they all have same fact given on particular matter.

4) Research Management: Ensure that you have a typical format of your convenience to manage your research. Keep your research organized. For this, you can take help of the some writing software that will contain research templates. Follow their structure, if it suites you.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your College Application Essay

After you complete your college application essay, it is a good idea to show it to your parents and family, teachers and neighbours to take their advice. However once you take their advices and receive positive response from them, it’s not the end. Still sit down with your essay read it several times and think how you can improve it further. Following points will help you to improve your easy-

1) Reading essay loudly will help you to get rid of flows. It is a very effective technique. Many a times reading out to yourself even for several times does not bring out the errors which reading out loudly can bring out. You can also tell somebody else to read it loudly for you. While they read, you can take some notes.

2) Opening of the essay is most important, as it will drag readers to read further. It should crispy and short. You can ask reader some question that will have answer in the body of the essay. Besides, you can also build reader’s interest through interesting quotes, crazy statistics or some provocative statements. Apart from grabbing reader’s total attention to the essay, the opening will also help you to obtain extra marks.

3) While reading through the essay, change the words which have occurred quite often. Instead, you can use synonyms. Usage of same words brings dullness to the essay. Hence reader might get bored to read it. Novelty of words can make users glued to your piece of hard-work.

4) Apart from repetitive words also check grammar. Check if the sentence construction is right. Read your essay carefully and find if there is any mistake in building sentence. Form small but effective sentences that will create interest for reader.

5) Another thing to be taken care of is digression. See to it that the meaning of your essay is clear and it is clearly put forward. Avoid mentioning those points which do not support you main theme. Choose right words and convey the meaning directly.

5 Ways To Manage Feedbacks On Your College Application Essay

Finishing college application essay is a big task itself. Once you complete it, it’s better to get few feedbacks. However, before you show it to somebody, you should be satisfied with it. At the same time you should be adaptive to the remarks made by others and open for changes. That will help you extract maximum benefit from it. Following points will help you to manage feedback that you receive.

1) First and foremost point to remember is, choose the right people to read and make remarks on your essay. Do not choose just great writers or editors or successful professionals in writing. But they should also be knowledgeable about college application essay writing. Wise choice will help you to seek right guidance and correct advice. Teachers, tutors might be able to help you in this. You can also consider students and writers.

2) Consider three opinions per draft. Do not exceed number of feedbacks more than three. This will leave you with confusion. If two or all three readers give you same remark, consider it seriously and work on it. After polishing the essay once again show it to new readers and get their feedback. Continue this process until you get all positive comments.

3) Listening to the feedback, be attentive and listen carefully. Do not rush and don’t be defensive too. This will help you get maximum of information from the reader. First grab all feedbacks, later you can decide if you agree with the reader’s point of view or not and to imply it in your essay or not.

4) Don’t be totally silent. Ask questions to readers. If a reader says that your essay is accurate, ask him/her why he/she thinks so. Clarify and understand what reader has to say and feel about your essay. It will help you to a great extent.

5) Apart from all readers’ opinions, trust yourself. If reader suggests some changes, that you think, do not convey what you want to put forward, you may choose to ignore them. Essay topic reflects your values and personality. Also essay elaborates about your thoughts, so believe in yourself completely and make changes that you feel are fair to do.

5 Easy Steps For Writing Essay For TOEFL

Importance of Essay Writing in TOEFL and a few Tips ‘n’ Tricks to handle it !!
Writing Section
The Writing section measures the ability to write in English, including the ability to generate, organize, and develop ideas, to support those ideas with examples or evidence, and to compose a response to one assigned topic in standard written English.

Choice of Style
You have a 30-minute time limit to write your essay.

Essay Ratings

Each essay is assigned one of the ratings listed at the end of this page by two independent readers. The average of the two ratings is reported on a raw score scale of 1 to 6. A rating between two points on the scale (5.5, 4.5, 3.5, 2.5, 1.5) can also be reported. If there is a discrepancy of more than one point, a third reader independently reads the essay. The essay rating comprises one half of the Structure/Writing score (1/6 of the total score); it is also
reported separately on the score report, for informational purposes.

Writing Strategies
Below are some specific strategies for the Writing section:

A. You should look over the essay topics published in the Bulletin, and practice writing several 30-minute essays using the topics there or on this site.

B. You will be given scratch paper to organize their thoughts; however, only the essays written on the official answer sheet are scored. You should practice handwriting an essay, using a two sided sheet of lined paper. (You will be provided with a twosided sheet on the day of the test.)
You should start writing the essay on the first line of the sheet and use the other side if necessary. You should not use large handwriting, skip lines, or leave large margins to make your essays appear longer; readers look at the development of the essay and how the ideas are expressed and elaborated on, not at how many words are written or appear to be written.

You should also write neatly and legibly. You will not be graded on the neatness of your handwriting, but the readers who evaluate the essays must be able to read the handwriting.

C. You should become familiar with the scoring guide. It can be useful to understand in more detail how the essay readers evaluate the essay. Readers judge essays on how the ideas are presented and developed as well as on the use of language.

The essay question should be answered carefully. You should do your best to write about what the essay question asks for. An essay that is not about the topic presented will receive a score of “0,” and this will have a serious effect on the Structure/Writing score.

Essays are also judged on organization. If an essay is well organized, a reader will be able to read from the beginning to the end without becoming confused.

A term used in the scoring guide is “development.” Development is the gradual expansion of an idea throughout an essay, not simply the number of words written. The same ideas can be communicated in various ways, depending on skill with vocabulary and sentence structure. You should try to cover the topics as well as you can within your own abilities.

Essay readers judge how well details, examples, and reasons support or illustrate the points being made.

The essay will also be judged on the use of language.Naturally the readers will notice grammatical errors and thenumber of errors in a paper. They judge whether the errors make the meaning of the essay difficult to understand. They also judge the variety, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the sentence structures and vocabulary used in an essay.

D. You should plan and organize before beginning to write.
Immediately after reading the essay question, you should take some time to think about the topic before you start to write. Making a brief outline or some notes on scratch paper
may help organize the essay.

E. Time management is the key.
You should keep track of time and allow a few minutes before the 30 minutes have ended to read over your essays and make any changes.

Essay Writing Tips For TOEFL

You will know beforehand if your test has an essay section in it. If it does, you must complete the essay within 30 minutes.

As you will hand-write the essay, you will be given paper during the 10-minute break between Structure and Reading. All test takers will be given paper to outline their essays or make notes. The essay topic is randomly selected.

1) Write an outline.
- You will be allowed to make notes on paper the test center will provide. These notes will not be included as part of your score.
- Spend about 5 minutes planning your essay.
- Your essay should contain:
a) An introduction (why not repeat the statement and state whether you agree or disagree.
b) Three reasons to support your opinion.
c) Your conclusion, in which you summarize everything you’ve already said.

2) Start Writing legibly
- Make sure it’s at least 200 words long (remember you have only 30 minutes and you must stop after that time).
- Indent your paragraphs.
- Keep your sentences short and simple.
- Use grammatical structures you are comfortable with.
- Only use words you know.
- Only use words you know how to spell.
- Watch your punctuation.

3) The last 5 minutes!
- Check your work.
- Spend the last five minutes rereading what you’ve written to look for mistakes, Grammar, spellings, punctuation, diction (word choice).