Personal Interview Questions - Part 1


(Engineering Background)
Nishant Mittal (B.Tech., Textile) (IIT, Delhi)
1. Tell us about your childhood.
2. Courses in the last semester
3. Laplace transformations
4. From which institutes have you got calls?
5. What is Sensex?
6. Do you have a job at hand? How long do you plan to work there?
7. What are gabardines, Oxford wear, plain wear?
8. Which are the G-7 countries? Name them.
9. Nuclear powers — who are they? Define what is a nuclear power.
10. Ringitt is the currency of which country?
11. Discuss South-East Asian crisis
12. Textile industries — problems & Solutions
13. Was asked about my batchmate Rajat Sood
14. Questions on my Family
15. US — What is its rank in population?

Sunil Gopalan (BE Elect and Commn.) (DCE)
1. Any three questions we should ask you.
2. Iridium Telecom project — long discussion
3. Discussion on beauty contests and Aishwarya Rai
4. Optical fibres — how they work?
5. Data and voice transmission — the difference between the two
6. Budget — GDP, fiscal deficit, excise, sales and octroi taxes. Checked my basic understanding of each of these.
7. Mobile vs land phones (PSTN). Technology differences.
8. State of Internet in India. What should be done to improve it?
9. What is the penetration of computers in India?

Pramod Marar (BCom Hons.)
1. Regression and correlation (graphs and equation)
2. Diamond-water thrift ( “My father is a diamond merchant!!” )
3. What do my name and surname mean?
4. Relation between profit and loss account, balance sheet
5. Sources and uses of funds
6. Names of some management gurus
7. Deep interest bonds
8. Sec 80l, 88 of taxation…Discussion
9. Double/triple taxation bond…What do they mean?

Bankim Mitra (BCom Hons.)
1. Name all the subjects in graduation.
2. Difference between diminishing and decreasing returns
3. Should doctors be governed by an ethical code of conduct?
4. Latest developments in Kosovo in the last 24 hours.
5. Preparation of fund flow statement
6. Relationship among profit and loss account, balance sheet, and fund flow statement

Saurabh Upadhyay (BSc Hons., Physics)
1. What were you doing for the last three hours waiting outside ( the interview hall )?
2. What is your impression about the panel?
3. What questions do you expect from us?
4. You are from Asansol. Why are you studying in Delhi?
5. What is Boyle’s laws?
6. Kepler’s laws and problems to solve
7. Ellipse — importance in physics
8. Difference between an ellipse, hyperbola and parabola
9. General awareness — TRAI, Lahore-bus-trip of the PM

Maneesh Upadhyaya (BSc,) (St. Stephen’s)
1. Why shift from science to management?
2. Difference between preference and normal shares
3. ICICI — talk about the company.
4. Which game requires most energy?( My hobby is playing Badminton!! )
5. What is the difference between a manager and an entrepreneur?
6. Budget — Discuss the features
7. Cricket and badminton related questions
8. Five fastest sports

Varad Pande (BA Hons., Economics)
1. What did you think of the case discussion?
2. Linear programming — minimization of problem with some constraints
3. How did Career Launcher help you?
4. Career goals? While answering — Have you prepared the answer?
5. Women’s residence in the college
6. Is a girls’ college better?

Atul Kumar (BA, Economics ) (IIFT)
1. Why IIMA from IIFT?
2. Bihar — why is it so low on development in spite of being politically so aware?
3. Enron controversy
4. District divisions — is it desirable?
5. Women’s Reservation Bill
6. Eco: Indifference curve, asked to plot. Why convex? Examples of concave;
7. Equation of indifference curve

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