Time & Distance- Practice Exercise

Q1. Two trains start at the same time from Mumbai and Delhi and proceed towards each other at 80 km/hr and 95 km/hr respectively. When they meet it is found that one of the trains has traveled 180 kms more than the other. Find the distance between Mumbai and Delhi?

a) 210 km
b) 2000 km
c) 2100 km
d) none of these

Q2. If a train 110m long passes a telegraph pole in 3 sec, then the time taken by it to cross a railway platform of 165 m long is?

a) 110/3 sec
b) 55 sec
c) 7.5 sec
d) 55/3 sec

Q3. Rashi and Richa start simultaneously from P and Q towards Q and P respectively. They meet on the way at t, which is at a distance of 120 m from P. If Rashi and Richa take 16 sec and 25 sec respectively to reach to their respective destinations from T, then what is the distance of P and Q?

a) 214 m
b) 200 m
c) 240 m
d) 216 m

Q4. Two cars driven by A and B. They were 580 miles apart and they drove towards each other. A’s car has travelled 20mph, 4 hr/day, for 5 days, when it had met B’s car. If B had driven 3 hr/day for 5 days, what was B’s speed?

a) 8mph
b) 9mph
c) 10mph
d) 12mph

Q5. Shankar traveled first 2 hrs at a speed of 40 km/hr. Next 2hrs he traveled at a speed of 50 km/hr and the next 2 hrs at 90 km/hr. Find his average speed.

a) 45 km/hr
b) 60 km/hr
c) 54 km/hr
d) none of these

Q6. A thief escaped from police custody. Since he was a sprinter, he could run at a speed of 40 km/hr. The police realized it after 3 hr and started chasing him in the same direction at 50km/hr. The police had a dog, which could run at 60 km/hr. The dog would run to the thief and then return back to the police and then would turn back towards the thief. It kept on doing so till the police caught the thief. Find the total distance traveled by the dog in the direction of the thief?

a) 720 km
b) 600 km
c) 660 km
d) 360 km

Q7. If a boy walks from his house to his school at the rate of 4 km/hr, he reaches his school 10 mins earlier than the usual time. However, if he walks at the rate of 3km/hr, he reaches the school 10 mins later than the scheduled time. Find the distance of the school from his house?

a) 6km
b) 4.5km
c) 4km
d) 3km

Q8. A train crosses a platform which is 250m long .The speed of train is 36 km/hr. The total time taken to cross the platform is 35 sec. Find the length of the train?

a) 120 m
b) 100m
c) 120 km
d) 100 km

Q9. Ram and Shyam start simultaneously from the opposite ends of a pool, which is 50m long. They pass each other reach the respective ends and immediately turn back. Now they meet at a distance of 15 m from where Ram started, 10 sec after the start. Find the speed of Shyam?

a) 6.5 m/s
b) 7.5 m/s
c) 8.5 m/s
d) 5 m/s

Q10. Two trains are running on parallel rails and they travel at the rates of 25mph and 30mph. If the first train leaves an hour earlier than the second, how long will it take for the second train to catch up with the first train?

a) 3 hr
b) 11 hr
c) 6hr
d) 5hr

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