Personal Interview Questions - Part 3

These are the actual questions asked in interviews, arranged according to the respective institutes and academic stream of interviewees. The list spans interviews over 3 calender years.


Vikram Singh Parmar (BE, Civil)
1. Fundamentals of de-watering
2. PERT and CPM - Discuss
3. Michael Jordan β€” grilling ( ” I mentioned that I enjoy playing basketball”)
4. Name the novels of Lapierre and Collins? (”Reading is my hobby”)
5. If the desk is made of RCC (cantilever slab) β€” where would be the tension and compression?
6. Column of ratio of cement to concrete
7. About the correspondence course of IMS…(”I prepared through IMS correspodence course ” )
8. GD β€” how was it? How should I conduct myself?
9. Walls of IIFT β€” my opinion (”the roof of IIFT is structually appealing. That was my interview center”)
10. Why don’t you join armed forces? (”Both my parents have a defence background”)

Amit Varma (BE, Mech.)
1. Introduce yourself briefly.
2. Why management?
3. Political situation β€” your views
4. Engineers joining MBA β€” pros and cons
5. What are your expectations from IIM-C?
6. Will engineers join MBA if the pay as an engineer is the same as an MBA?
7. Qualities of a world-class manufacturer
8. Are students in public schools of Delhi snobs?
9. Can they make good managers?


Vijaya T. (BCom )
1. Difference between accounts and finance
2. Your favourite subject β€” management accounting
3. Write down three questions on economics on which we could grill you.
4. What measures would you adopt to enhance profits of a company?
5. What are the tools of cost cutting?
6. Was asked to solve a problem in differentiation.

Rahul Joshi (BCom)
1. Career goals
2. Discussion on dictatorship
3. Integration of |x| + C with limits 1 to 1
4. What is a skew symmetric matrix?
5. What is the probability of getting a ‘head’ in three tosses of a coin

Abhishek Aggarwal (BSc, Physics)
1. Education β€” what are your favourite subjects?
2. Laws of thermodynamics β€” entropy: give examples.
3. Super conductivity β€” applications in IT field
4. Haryana-Punjab dispute.
5. Fission and fusion β€” practical examples.
6. View on Pokhran.
7. Reading habits.
8. Name a few good Indian physicists and their contribution to society?
9. Why MBA?
10. How did you prepare for CAT?

Sahil Jain (BSc, Botany)
1. Career objectives β€” link to Botany
2. Oscars β€” major upsets ( “the Oscar awards were announced a week back”)
3. North-eastern states β€” name them, what are the major problems?
4. SGPC β€” problems in Punjab
5. Maths. β€” coordinate geometry, compound interest - Was asked to solve a problem in each of these topics.

Karthik Khare (BA Hons., Economics)
1. Why did you choose to do an MBA after economics?
2. GDP and correlation to development of communications network β€” why? Logically explain.
3. What is a GDP deflator?
4. Give a model for correlation as an economist.
5. Lowering of interest rates and effect on GDP
6. Other factors that would increase GDP
7. Favourite subjects?
8. What is inflexion point and when does it appear on a graph?
9. How can you measure inflexion point or locate it?
10. Which institute would you prefer? ( ” I had calls from IIM Bangalore,Calcutta, Lucknow”)

Arjun Purkayastha (BA Hons., Economics)
1. What questions do we ask you?
2. Do you think academic interview is good?
3. Theater β€” NSD director, manager, etc.(”My hobby is dramatics”)
4. Education system β€” comment.
5. Relevance of economics with examples
6. Ask yourself three questions that would judge your capability.
7. Choose between matrices and calculus for grilling.
8. Is x! continuous and why?

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