Definite DOs for a GD

Please try and follow these instructions appropriately to make your GD move in the direction you really wish it to…

- Make sure that all the points that you make are original and backed by substantial reasoning as to why you believe so.

- If somebody has already made the point you wanted to make, you can go ahead and either support or oppose the point provided you can give substantial reasoning as to why you think so.

- Whatever you have to say has to be wrapped around with a logical flow. State your point, substantiate it with a reason and validate it with an example wherever and whenever possible.

- Modulate the various aspects of your voice, viz. volume, pitch and tone so as to suite the nature of the point that you are making. Make sure you don’t sound rude or arrogant.

- Your posture should be straight and upfront.

- Make use of hands and facial expressions to make your point more emphatic.

- Whatever position you occupy in the discussion make sure that while speaking you make eye contact with each and every one in the group.

- When not speaking make sure that you are looking at the person who is speaking.

- Whether you agree with the person who is speaking or not, ensure that you give him credit for what he is speaking by use of non - verbal like nodding your head, etc.

- If possible, make an attempt at opening the discussion. But if you venture ahead with it make sure that you make a good job of it. The opening has to be a general introduction to the topic briefly laying the scope of the discussion.

- If the discussion is revolving around a certain point for too long give a new direction by introducing a new angle to it.

- Incase of fish markets first and foremost make sure that you don’t contribute to the mayhem. If the crowd is too unruly wait for the right opportunity, make your point and get out of it.

- If the discussion is straying from it’s main idea, get it back on track by giving a new directional point.

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