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10 Ways To Get A High GMAT Math Score


If you wish to get into a top notch business school, a high GMAT score is a must. The test comprises of three main parts: GMAT Verbal, Analytical Writing and Math. GMAT students usually undergo lots of practice in the writing and verbal department. As a matter of fact, a high math score is most important. So how do you secure an exceptionally high math score? Well, just follow these tips to better your mathematical skills.

1) High School Math: GMAT math is almost like the math you studied at high school. In fact, the program is much shorter compared to math in high school days. The only hassle being one cannot easily recall what they studied years ago. A committed course of action helps here. It will help you recollect what you already know. All you GMAT aspirants just need to lay your hands on old high school books, and familiarize yourselves with the concepts and rules mentioned therein.

2) Adapt to the structure: GMAT is based on high school math and its content is specific. However, what makes the test difficult is the manner in which the questions are asked. As far as word problems in the GMAT exam is concerned, it demands great reading of questions. Most aspirants acquaint themselves with the structure of the exam and try to adapt themselves within the framework of the exam structure.

3) Computer - adaptive exam: What makes GMAT math unique is not merely the way the questions are asked, it also has a different approach when it comes to the order of math. The way you undertake the adaptive way of the test influences a high GMAT score. You need to build up stamina to be able to deal with high end math questions.

4) Word problems: As per studies, those who get a high GMAT score are amazingly good at solving word problems. There are two chief reasons for it-
a) Approximately one-third of math questions are word problems.
b) Solving word problems does not demand understanding a new math topic. You need to follow a simple rule- Understand word problems word by word in the same order. If you translate it correctly, those difficult looking problems will appear to be solvable and easy.

5) Practice more: You need to practice a lot to obtain a high GMAT score. The time you spend in the classroom with your tutor is not enough. Coaching classes expose you to the basic principles of the exam, but until you practice yourself, you will not get exceptional results.

6) Study material: Many a times, students look for the best GMAT book. Given recent developments like GMAT CD/DVD, Flash card, GMAT examination toolkit, Audio book, the search for the best study aid has become even more challenging. Instead, you should choose a course that offers more contact hours or buy a CD or a book that is easily available.

7) GMAT Math training time: You don’t get results overnight. You need more than two hours of math practice for more than two months at least. The test demands rigorous learning, determination and commitment.

8) Days before the exam: If you think you will study the entire day on the day of the exam and pass out with flying colours, you are mistaken. In fact, you should stop studying math at least two days prior to the exam.

9) Take GMAT practice tests: It is not enough if you are familiar with the types of questions asked in the exam. Theoretical awareness of the GMAT format is also not enough. What is most important is a lot of practice with simulated tests.

10) A high GMAT score is not the be all and end all: A high GMAT score has many advantages. You have an edge over other students when securing admission in business schools. However, if you end up getting an average score, don’t lose heart. Luck also plays an important role after all.