5 Ways To Score Higher In Quant and DI

Quantitative ability and data interpretation are often considered the more difficult and challenging sections of the CAT. If you want to ace the test, these logic-based sections need to be given attention. Practicing and evaluating your ability to calculate faster online will increase speed and help achieve accuracy, if done everyday. Quantitative reasoning ability needs to be honed through regular online testing and analysis. Comparative intelligence sets you apart from the lakhs of students answering the CAT. Students are registering themselves for online test programmes to stay ahead.CAT 2009 2010

Here are five tips to help you ace the CAT:
1. What methods should I use to answer?
• Eliminate the options as you go along. This method known as the ‘Elimination Mehtod’ is usually the fastest way to reach the answer.
• Substitute some values in the question like you do with algebra problems.
• Go from the question to the answer. This method known as ‘Direct Method’ is least effective.
• Use the Direct method and Elimination method in tandom.

2. How do I select the right questions to answer?
Sometimes, it is even possible to skip almost half of the questions and still crack the test. Select questions with easy statements and dissimilar answer choices. This skill can be developed by analyzing Mock CATs regularly. If CAT 09 is linear and not adaptive, then this skill of selecting the right questions to answer is vital.

3. How do I improve my calculating speed?
Students spend an average of 20 per cent of their time on calculation in the Quant and DI section and the rest is spent on understanding the concept of the question. Spend at least 15 minutes everyday daily on training your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Refresh your ability to recall tables, squares and cubes up to 30, and multiplication between common numbers like 13 x 12, 18 x 24.

4. How do I ensure accuracy of my answers?
The time provided does not permit students to solve all questions. Ensure that you solve a reasonable number of questions at a high accuracy rate rather than a large number of the questions in your paper at a low rate of accuracy. Make the most of the time allotted.

5. How do I navigate tricky questions?
Questions can be crafted in such a way that they use language to trick the reader. Read carefully and try to understand what it is really being asked.

6. How do I gear-up for a change in the Quant-DI Pattern?
Be prepared for any change in the pattern of CAT 2009 . There maybe five or four options per question; it maybe be 1/4th negative or 1/3rd negative for a wrong answer; the number of questions may decrease or increase; the sections may have sub-sections and further sub-sub-sections with varying marks per question. All these probabilities should be addressed and discussed with your online trainers or teacher so that you are equipped to deal with them.

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