GK Questions - IRMA

1. What is project Swashakti?
Ans: Swashakti is a project for rural women’s development and empowerment.

2. What is the meaning of the Blue Box term related with WTO?
Ans: In WTO terminology, subsidies in general are identified by boxes.
Any support that would normally be in the amber box, is placed in the blue box

3. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan was associated with
Ans: Total Revolution

4. What is project Gyandoot?
Ans: The goal of this project is to establish community-owned, technologically innovative and sustainable information kiosks in a poverty-stricken, tribal dominated rural area.

5. What do you understand Bhoomi?
Ans: This was the name of the project meant for the computerization of land records of Karnataka.

6. What is the aim of the Public Distribution System (PDS)?
Ans: Ensuring availability of food grains to the public at affordable prices as well as for enhancing the food security for the poor.

7. Co-operative movement in which sector of the Indian Economy has been highly successful?
Ans: Milk production

8. Inflationary Pressure on the Economy means…
Ans: It means inflation is high in the economy.

9. What will be the effect of introduction of Kullahars, Khadi and Sampark Kranti Express etc. on the rural economy?
Ans: It will promote the rural domestic industries thereby increasing the employment generation in the rural sector and hence leading to the growth of the Indian economy in general.

10. What is the contribution of the agriculture sector in the GDP of the Indian Economy?
Ans: 10: 21%

11. What is rain fed farming?
Ans: ‘Rainfed farming’, is defined as growing crops under conditions of natural rainfall.

12. Inflation is measured in terms of…
Ans: Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

13. What are the uses of the interlinking of the rivers?
Ans: 13: It addressed the twin problems of monsoon floods and water scarcity.

14. What is National Bamboo Mission?
Ans: The National Mission has been structured to address critical areas of bamboo development covering - research, development, post-harvest management, product development and marketing by adopting a mission mode approach.

15. What is the chemical used for the cloud seeding?
Ans: Silver Iodide

16. What is the name of the first Genetically Modified crop that was given permission to be grown in India?
Ans: Bt Cotton

17. The National Commission of Women was constituted in…
Ans: 1992

18. What is micro finance?
Ans: Small loans that help poor people to start or expand their small businesses.

19. What is NPA?
Ans: NPA is defined as Non Performing Assets

20. What is the purpose of launching the Indira Awas Yojana?
Ans: The project was started to help construction of dwelling units for members of Scheduled Castes and also Non-Scheduled Castes rural poor living below the poverty line.

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