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GK Questions - IRMA

1. What is project Swashakti?
Ans: Swashakti is a project for rural women’s development and empowerment.

2. What is the meaning of the Blue Box term related with WTO?
Ans: In WTO terminology, subsidies in general are identified by boxes.
Any support that would normally be in the amber box, is placed in the blue box

3. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan was associated with
Ans: Total Revolution

4. What is project Gyandoot?
Ans: The goal of this project is to establish community-owned, technologically innovative and sustainable information kiosks in a poverty-stricken, tribal dominated rural area.

5. What do you understand Bhoomi?
Ans: This was the name of the project meant for the computerization of land records of Karnataka.

6. What is the aim of the Public Distribution System (PDS)?
Ans: Ensuring availability of food grains to the public at affordable prices as well as for enhancing the food security for the poor.

7. Co-operative movement in which sector of the Indian Economy has been highly successful?
Ans: Milk production

8. Inflationary Pressure on the Economy means…
Ans: It means inflation is high in the economy.

9. What will be the effect of introduction of Kullahars, Khadi and Sampark Kranti Express etc. on the rural economy?
Ans: It will promote the rural domestic industries thereby increasing the employment generation in the rural sector and hence leading to the growth of the Indian economy in general.

10. What is the contribution of the agriculture sector in the GDP of the Indian Economy?
Ans: 10: 21%

11. What is rain fed farming?
Ans: ‘Rainfed farming’, is defined as growing crops under conditions of natural rainfall.

12. Inflation is measured in terms of…
Ans: Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

13. What are the uses of the interlinking of the rivers?
Ans: 13: It addressed the twin problems of monsoon floods and water scarcity.

14. What is National Bamboo Mission?
Ans: The National Mission has been structured to address critical areas of bamboo development covering - research, development, post-harvest management, product development and marketing by adopting a mission mode approach.

15. What is the chemical used for the cloud seeding?
Ans: Silver Iodide

16. What is the name of the first Genetically Modified crop that was given permission to be grown in India?
Ans: Bt Cotton

17. The National Commission of Women was constituted in…
Ans: 1992

18. What is micro finance?
Ans: Small loans that help poor people to start or expand their small businesses.

19. What is NPA?
Ans: NPA is defined as Non Performing Assets

20. What is the purpose of launching the Indira Awas Yojana?
Ans: The project was started to help construction of dwelling units for members of Scheduled Castes and also Non-Scheduled Castes rural poor living below the poverty line.

Test your GK - 2

1. PIN code started in India in the year….

a. 1962
b. 1964
c. 1968
d. 1972

2. You would associate the establishment of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) with.
a. Subramaniam Bharti
b. Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya
c. Jawaharlal Nehru
d. Gobind Vallabh Pant

3. Who presides the Lok Sabha?
a. Prime Minister
b. President
c. Vice President
d. Speaker

4. Who discovered Aspirin?
a. Alexander Fleming
b. Felix Hoffmann
c. Robert Koch
d. Joseph Lister

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the sacred texts of Buddhism called Tripitakas?
a. Suttapitaka
b. Vinayapitaka
c. Dharmapitaka
d. Gyanapitaka

6. Which of the following Indian states has the lowest sex ratio {number of females per thousand males}?
a. West Bengal
b. Haryana
c. Punjab
d. Uttar Pradesh

7. Which of the following is the oldest printed book of the world?
a. The Gutenberg Bible
b. Hiraka Sutra
c. Les Hommes de bonne Volante
d. Old King Cole

8. This personality was the first Indian to receive the Magsaysay Award in the year 1958. Can you name him from the given options?
a. CD Deshmukh
b. Mother Teresa
c. Acharya Binoba Bhave
d. Jaya Prakash Narayan

9. Who is known as the father of Geometry?
a. Pythagoras
b. Euclid
c. Euler
d. None of these

10. Rovers cup is associated with …
a. Hockey
b. Football
c. Cricket
d. Golf

11. This Indian state is the least densely populated state. Name it from the given options.
a. Sikkim
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Assam
d. Manipur

12. What is the approximate age of the earth?
a. 3.8 billion years
b. 4.2 billion years
c. 4.6 billion years
d. 4.8 billion years

13. Which Indian state was the first one to implement the Panchayati Raj in the whole state?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Bihar
c. Rajasthan
d. Gujarat

14. This personality is NOT the winner of Nobel Prize.
a. Kofi Annanb
b. Mother Teresac
c. VS Naipaul
d. Richard Nixon

15. The largest state of India (in terms of area) is…
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Rajasthan
c. Madhya Pradesh
d. Maharashtra

16. The line of equator does no pass through…
a. Kenya
b. Somalia
c. Uganda
d. Egypt

17. National Institute of Oceanography is based in …
a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Panaji
d. Kochi

18. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India is a famous work of …
a. Dada Bhai Naoroji
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. AO Hume
d. BG Tilak

19. The first ancient Olympic games took place in the year
a. 476 BC
b. 576 BC
c. 676 BC
d. 776 BC

20. When one crosses the International Date Line from west to east, then the date is said to be set back by…
a. one hour
b. twelve hours
c. one day
d. None of these

21. Equinoxes occur when
a. the days are longer than the nights
b. the nights are longer than the days
c. the nights and days are equal in length
d. the difference between the length of nights and days is the highest

22. Which of the following is NOT a permanent member of United Nation’s Security Council?
a. Russia
b. China
c. France
d. Germany

23. You would associate the theory of ‘Laissez Faire’ with …
a. JK Galbraith
b. JM Keynes
c. Adam Smith
d. David Ricardo

24. Wealth of Nations is authored by….
a. Adam Smith
b. JK Galbraith
c. JM Keynes
d. None of these

25. This personality is considered, as the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi. Can you identify him from the given options?
a. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
b. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
c. Dadabhai Naoroji
d. Mahadev Gobind Ranande


1. d. 1972
2. b. Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya
3. d. Speaker
4. b. Felix Hoffman
5. d. Gyanapitaka
6. b. Haryana
7. b. Hiraka Sutra
8. c. Acharya Binoba Bhave
9. b. Euclid
10. b. Football
11. b. Arunachal Pradesh
12. c. 4.6 billion years
13. c. Rajasthan
14. d. Richard Nixon
15. b. Rajasthan
16. d. Egypt
17. c. Panaji
18. a. Dada Bhai Naoroji
19. d. 776 BC
20. c. one day
21. c. the nights and days are equal in length
22. d. Germany
23. c. Adam Smith
24. a. Adam Smith
25. b. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Business Affairs Important Questions QB - 1

1. Etihad Airways is the name of the national airlines of…

a. Afghanistan
b. Iraq
c. Kuwait
d. United Arab Emirates

2. Who was the chairman of the twelfth finance commission of India?
a. MS Ahluwalia
b. C Rangarajan
c. Rakesh Mohan
d. Bimal Jalan

3. General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) is chaired by…
a. N Rangachari
b. RK Joshi
c. MK Garg
d. Ashok Lahiri

4. This site/search engine was in the news in January 2005 as it had plans to offer the famous libraries of the world online. Can you identify the name of the engine in question from the given options?
a. Yahoo. com
b. Google.com
c. Altavista. com
d. AOL

5. Aramco is one of the world’s biggest….
a. Cement firm
b. Steel firm
c. IT firm
d. Oil firm

6. Mukand Steel is the key company owned by…
a. Birlas
b. Bajajs
c. Tatas
d. Ruias

7. ‘Cottons’ is the name of garment collection by….
a. Madura Garments
b. Century Textiles
c. Indigo Nation
d. Raymond

8. Servo is an oil brand from….
d. None of these

9. Progeon is the name of the BPO arm of this Indian software giant. Identify it from the given operations.
a. Wipro Technologies
b. Infosys Technologies
c. HCL Technologies
d. Polaris Softwares

10. According to the Union Budget 2005-2006, which of the following represents the outlay for the defence sector?
a. Rs. 66,000 cr
b. Rs. 77,000 cr
c. Rs. 83,000 cr
d. Rs. 90,000 cr

11. ‘Mahila card’ is an international debit card meant exclusively for women. This card belongs to the stable of …
a. ICICI Bank’
b. UTI Bank
c. Induslnd Bank
d. Canara Bank

12. Which of the following represents the limit of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the construction sector?
a. 49 per cent
b. 66 per cent
c. 74 per cent
d. 100 per cent

13. Who is the chairman of IDBI?
a. M. Damodaran
b. VP Shetty
c. PP Vora
d. KV Kamath

14. You would associate Corp Kisan Card with …
a. Canara Bank
b. Corporation Bank
c. ICICI Bank
d. HDFC Bank

15. Itz Cash, a pre-paid card, belongs to the stable of…
a. Tatas
b. Essel group
c. Essar group
d. None of these

16. Who among the following is the CMD of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)?
a. VP Sinha
b. b. C P Jain
c. AK Purwar
d. PS Shenoy

17. ‘Aapka Fayda’ is the punch line that you would associate with….
a. Sahara Samay
b. NDTV India
c. CNBC TV 18
d. Zee Business

18. ‘Data One’ is the name of the broadband service of ….
a. Reliance Infocomm
d. Tata Indicom

19. Food-World, Giant, Health 8′ Glow and Music World are all retail outlets of …
a. Pantaloon
b. RPG
c. Shopper’s Stop
d. HLL

20. Sarthak Behuria is the chairman-cum-managing director of…
b. lac

Answer Key:

1. d. United Arab Emirates
2. b. C. Rangarajan
3. b. RK Joshi
4. b Google.com
5. d. Oil firm
6. b. Bajajs
7. b. Century Textiles
8. b. 10C
9. b. Infosys Technologies
10. c. Rs. 83.000 cr
11. c. Induslnd Bank
12. d. 100 per cent
13. b. VP Shelly
14. b. Corporation Bank
15. b. Essel Group
16. b. CP Jain
17. d. Zee business
18. b. BSNL
19. b. RPG
20. b. 10C

Business Affairs Important Questions QB - 2

1. Mat expands to…

a: Medium Advisory Tax
b. Minimum Accounted Tax
c. Minimum Automated Tax
d. Minimum Alternate Tax

2. This company was i.n the news in march 2005 as ‘U’ was planned to be its new logo. Can you identify the name of the company from the given options?
a. P&G
b. HLL
c. Nestle
d. Dabur

3. What is the expected GDP growth rate in 2005-2006, according to the Union Budget 2005-2006?
a. 6 per cent
b. 6.1 per cent
c. 6.3 per cent
d. 6.9 per cent

4. Identify the indirect tax from the given options.
a. Wealth Tax
b. Gift Tax
c. Sales Tax
d. Corporation Tax

5. Which of the following represents the expansion of ‘R’ in RFID?
a. Regional
b. Radio
c. Recorded
d. Reliance

6. This bank, in collaboration with NGOs, launched the ’social card’ for those people who want to contribute to the welfare of the society but either do not have time to do so or do not know which cause they would like to support. Can you identify the name of the bank in question from the given options?
a. Canara Bank
b. SBI
c. Punjab National Bank
d. Bank of India

7. Kishore Biyani, who is considered India’s largest retailer owns….
a. Shoppers Stop
b. Pantaloon
c. West Side
d. RPG Enterprises

8. The year in which the World Bank was incorporated in the UN system was….
a. 1994
b. 1946
c. 1947
d. 1949

9. The United Nations named the year 2005 as…
a. Year of savings
b. Year of investments
c. Year of micro finance
d. Year of macro finance

10. The name of the Air India’s budget airline, that was launched in April 2005, is …
a. Air l.ndia Aviator
b. Air India Express
c. Air India Smarty
d. Air India Genie

11. Which of the following represents the expansion of ‘T’ in ‘TIN’?
a. Trade
b. Tax
c. Transmission
d. Total

12. Which of the following personalities is the author ofJeh: A Life of JRD Tata?
a. RM Lala
b. BK Dadabhoy
c. Dwijendra Tripathi
d. BK Karanjia

13. Which of the following represents the worth of the deal in which Adhikari brothers sold the SAB TV brand to the Sony TV in March 2005?
a. $7 million
b. $10 million
c. $13 million
d. $15 million

14. Which city hosted the G-20 meet in the third week of March 2005?
a. Lahore
b. Sau Paulo
c. New Delhi
d. Phuket

15. Identify the incorrect match. Automobile company Car Model
a. Fiat Automobiles Panda
b. Skoda Automobiles Fabia
c. Honda Automobiles Civic
d. All of them are matched properly

16. This personality was the FORBES Asian Businessman of the year 2004. Can you identify him from the given options?
a. Ratan Tata
b. Anil Ambani
c. KV Kamath
d. Nusli Wadia

17. According to a survey conducted by Hewitt Associates, which of the following companies was adjudged as the best employer of 2004?
a. P & G India
c. Bharti Televentures

18. Awaz is the Hindi business news channel that belongs to the stable of …
b. CNBC TV 18
c. Zee News
d. Sony TV

19. ‘Make your own road’ is the catchphrase that you would associate with….
a. Chevrolet Tavera
b. Tata Safari
c. Tata Sumo
d. Ford Endeavor

20. The maximum revenue to the government comes from….
a. Service tax
b. Custom duty
c. Excise duty
d. Income tax

Answer key:

1. d. Minimum Alternate Tax
3. d. 6.9 per cent
4. c. Sales Tax
5. b. Radio (RFID: RadioFrequency. Identification)
6. b. SBI
7. b. Pantaloon
8. c.1947
9. c. Year of micro finance
10. b. Air India Express
11. b. Tax(TaxlnformationNetwork)
12. b. BK Dadabhoy
13. c. $13 million
14. c. New Delhi
15. d. All of them are matched properly
16. a. Ratan Tata
17. d. TCS
18. b. CNBC TV 18
19. b. Tata Safari
20. c.. Excise Duty

GK Questions - FMS

1. Who is the present Governor of RBI?
Ans: Y.V. Reddy

2. Which of the following companies has recently acquired Flag telecom, USA?
Ans: Reliance Infocomm

3. Who is Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
Ans: Dr. Manmohan Singh

4. Who is the Chairman of Wipro Industries?
Ans: Azim H. Premji

5. What was the venue of the last ASEAN meeting?
Ans: Vientiane in Laos in November 2004

6. Where is the headquarters of the European Union?
Ans: Brussels

7. Sunil Bharti Mittal is the CMD of…
Ans: Bharti Enterprises

8. VSNL has recently acquired TYCO which belongs to
Ans: USA

9. The automobile giant Hyundai hails from
Ans: South Korea

10. Ratan Tata Commission is meant for
Ans: Investment

11. What was the focus of the Ninth Five-year plan?
Ans: Agriculture and rural development along with employment generation and poverty eradication.

12. What was the duration for India’s Tenth Five-year plan?
Ans: From 2002-07

13. Microsoft has recently established its largest development centre in which of the following city?
Ans: Hyderabad

14. Rupee is not a currency of…
Ans: Bangladesh

15. The term sweated labour means
Ans: Underpaid, cheap labour

16. The term ‘disguised employment’ is found mainly in
Ans: Agricultural sector

17. The defunct Dabhol Power Plant is located in…
Ans: Maharashtra

GK Questions - SNAP

1. Which was the first animal tamed by human being?
Ans: Dog

2. The Planning Commission was constituted in…
Ans: 1950

3. What is the age of earth?
Ans: 4.55 billion years

4. How much time did it took to draft Constitution of India?
Ans: Two years, Eleven months and Eighteen days

5. Imposing President’s rule in case of emergency is given in which article of the Constitution?
Ans: Article 356

6. On what basis is the poverty line ascertained?
Ans: The calorie in take by the people of the country

7. ‘Synecology’ is the study of…
Ans: Ecological interrelationships among communities of organisms.

8. Who is the author of Selling the Dream?
Ans: Guy Kawasaki

9. Why did Mumbai’s dabbawalas become world famous?
Ans: The Mumbai’s dabbawalas came into limelight because of their efficient management systems. Forbes recognized their efforts and conducted a quality assurance study and finally gave them Six Sigma rating.

10. Which is the world’s largest flower?
Ans: Rafflesia

11. ‘Isoprene’ is also known as…
Ans: Natural rubber

12. Which is the lightest metal?
Ans: The lightest metal known is Lithium.

13. What is cinnabar?
Ans: Its an ore of mercury.

14. Myopia (short sightedness) is a condition associated with…
Ans: Eyes

15. FERA has been replaced by…

Test your GK - 4

1. The moon is about… the size of the earth.

a. 1/2th
b. 1/4th
c. 1/6th
d. 1/8th

2. Illiad is a famous creation of…
a. Russel Brines
b. Homer
c. HG Wells
d. Walter Scott

3. This US president is associated with the abolition of slavery. Identify him from the given options.
a. George Washington
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Franklin D Roosevelt
d. Richard Nixon

4. Which of the following is a viral disease?
a. Diphtheria
b. Plague
c. Yellow fever
d. Kala Azar

5. Poorna Swaraj as the goal of the Indian National movement was declared at …
a. Lucknow session of INC
b. Lahore session of INC
c. Surat session of INC
d. None of these

6. Which of the following rights issued by the court means a ‘command’?
a. Habeas Corpus
b. Certiorari
c. Quo Warranto
d. Mandamus

7. This famous Indian freedom fighter established the newspaper titled Young India. Identify him from the given options.
a. MK Gandhi
b. Lala Lajpat Rai
c. GK Gokhale
d. BG Tilak

8. Which of the following represents the year in which the Planning Commission of India was set up?
a. 1949
b. 1950
c. 1952
d. 1955

9. Which of the following schedules of the Constitution of India deals with the Union list, State list and Concurrent list?
a. Fourth Schedule
b. Fifth Schedule
c. Sixth Schedule
d. Seventh Schedule

10. The Khalsa sect was founded by…
a. Guru Nanak Dev
b. Guru Arjan Dev
c. Guru Teg Bahadur
d. Guru Gobind Singh

11. Where did Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment?
a. Sarnath
b. Gaya
c. Sanchi
d. None of these

12. How many members are appointed by the President of India to the Parliament?
a. 2
b. 10
c. 12
d. 14

13. Affluent Society is work of…
a. JM Keyens
b. David Ricardo
c. Adam Smith
d. JK Galbraith

14. This personality was the first chief election commissioner of India. Can you identify him from the given options?
a. KVK Sundaram
b. Sukumar Sen
c. SP Sen Verma
d. SL Shakdhar

15. Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is headquartered at …
a. Caracas
b. Vienna
c. Abu Dhabi
d. Baghdad

16. The National anthem of India was sing for the first time at the Calcutta session of Indian National Congress in the year …
a. 1906
b. 1909
c. 1911
d. 1913

17. Which of the following is the major component of bio-gas?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Methane
c. Hydrogen
d. Carbon Monoxide

18. Where would you find Kaiga Power Project in India?
a. Orissa
b. Maharashtra
c. Karnataka
d. Gujarat

19. According to the Census of India 2001, which of the following is incorrect?
a. Literacy rate of India is 65.38 per cent
b. The state highest sex ratio is Kerala.
c. The most densely populated state is West Bengal.
d. The sex ratio is 927 females per thousand males in India.

20. Identify the kharif crop from the given options.
a. Peas
b. Rapeseed
c. Mustard
d. Bajra

21. The first silent feature film of India was…
a. Alam Ara
b. Raja Harishchandra
c. Bhagya Chakra
d.Sant Tukaram

22. This element is used in the process of vulcanisation of rubber, in which rubber is heated with this element to make it hard. Can you identify the name of the element from the given options?
a. Lead
b. Sulphur
c. Potassium
d. Copper

23. If a person weighs 100kg on earth then his weight on moon will be …
a. 12.5 kg
b. 16.6 kg
c. 20.5 kg
d. 25.5 kg

24. Organisation for Economic Cooperation 8′ Development (DE CD) is headquartered at …
a. Geneva
b. Paris
c. The Hague
d. Vienna

25. Magyars are the inhabitants of
a. Poland
b. New Zealand
c. Hungary
d. Tanzania


1. b. 1/4th
2. b. Homer
3. b. Abraham Lincoln
4. c. Yellow fever
5. b. Lahore session of INC
6. d. Mandamus
7. b. Lala Lajpat Rai
8. b. 1950
9. d. Seventh Schedule
10. d. Guru Gobind Singh
11. b. Gaya
12. d. 14
13. d. JK Galbraith
14. b Sukumar Sen
15. b. Vienna
16. c. 1911
17. b. Methane
18. c. Karnataka
19. d. The sex is 927 females per thousand males in India (it’s 933)’
20. d. Bajra
21. b. Raja Harishchandra
22. b. sulphur
23. b. 16.6 kg
24. b. Paris
25. c. Hungary

Test your GK - 5

1. Brickfielder, Khamsin and Harmattan are the examples of…

a. hot winds
b. cold winds
c. trade winds
d. planetary winds

2. The world-famous Khajuraho temples were built by the rulers of…
a. Gupta dynasty
b. Chandela dynasty
c. Pallava dynasty
d. Chola dynasty

3. The world’s first Earth Summit took place in the year…
a. 1988
b. 1990
c. 1992
d. 1994

4. Dilli Chalo is the famous call that you would associate with …
a. Lal Bahadur Shastri
b. Acharya Binoba Bhave
c. Subhash Chandra Bose
d. Bhagat Singh

5. World Consumer Day is celebrated throughout the world on …
a. February 22
b. March 15
c. April 8
d. May 11

6. The freezing point of water is …
a. Zero K
b. 273.15 K
c. 313.16 K
d. 474.15 K

7. Which country’s constitution is the source of the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution of India?
a. The UK
b. Ireland
c. The US
d. Former Soviet Union

8. According to the latest census 2001, this state is the least populous state of India. Can you identify the name of the state from the given options?
a. Goa
b. Arunachal Pradesh
c. Sikkim
d. Manipur

9. Which of the following is the smallest country of the world?
a. Tuvalu
b. Vatican
c. Nauru
d. Kuwait

10. The layer nearest to the earth’s atmosphere is …
a. Mesosphere
b. Ionosphere
c. Troposphere
d. Stratosphere

11. Zulu is the name of the tribe that belongs to …
a. Australia
b. New Zealand
c. South Africa
d. Indonesia

12. A normal human being has … chromosomes in all.
a. 42
b. 44
c. 46
d. 48

13. Utigard, Ribbon and Roraima are the names of the famous…
a. Volcanos
b. Waterfalls
c. Mountains
d. Lakes

14. Ain-e-Akbari, that gives the account of Akbar’s reign, was written by…
a. Amir Khusro
b. Firdausi
c. Abul Fazal
d. Badauni

15. This Indian state is the largest producer of rubber. Identify it from the given options.
a. Karnataka
b. Kerala
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh

16. ‘Bogey’ and ‘Fore’ are the terms that you would associate with
a. Chess
b. Snooker
c. Golf
d. Billiards

17. Khadar and Bhangar are the two types of…
a. Black Soil
b. Alluvial Soil
c. Red Soil
d. Laterite Soil

18. The first person to walk in Space was …
a. Neil Armstrong
b. Yuri Gagarin
c. AA Leonov
d. Edwin Eldrin

19. Where would you find Buland Jarwaza - the highest gateway in India?
a. Bihar
b. Punjab
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Madhya Pradesh

20. ‘Gambit’ is a term that you would associate with…
a. Hockey
b. Cricket
c. Chess
d. Football

21. Indica is the name of a famous work of …
a. AO Hume
b. Megasthenese
c. Thomas Roe
d. None of these

22. She is the first lady President of the world. Can you identify her from the given options?
a. Srimavo Bandaranaike
b. Barbara C. Harris
c. Maria Estella Peron
d. Junko Taibei

23. The main source of Indian phiosophy is contained within the …
a. Vedas
b. Brahmanas
c. Puranas
d. Upanishads

24. Discovery of India is a famous book written by …
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
d. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

25. The largest Hindu complex outside India, Angkor Vat in Cambodia, is dedicated to …
a. Lord Shiva
b. Lord Brahma
c. Lord Vishnu
d. Lord Rama


1. a. Hot winds
2. b. Chandela dynasty
3. c. 1992
4. c. Subhash Chandra Bose
5. b. March 15
6. b. 273.15K
7. c. The US
8. c. Sikkim
9. b. Vatican
10. c. Troposphere
11. c. South Africa
12. c. 46
13. b. waterfalls
14. c. Abul Fazal
15. b. Kerala
16. c. Golf
17. b. Alluvial Soil
18. c. AA leonov
19. c. Uttar Pradesh
20. c. Chess
21. b. Megasthenese
22. c. Maria estate Peron
23. d. Upanishads
24. b. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
25. c. Lord Vishnu

Data Sufficiency Ex-2

Directions : For questions in this section mark

(a) If condition (i) alone is sufficient
(b) If condition (ii) alone is sufficient
(c) If both conditions together are sufficient
(d) If condition (i) alone & (ii) alone are sufficient
(e) information not sufficient

1. How many rolls of wall paper are necessary to cover the walls of a room whose floor and ceiling are rectangles 12 feet wide and 15 feet long
(i) A roll of paper covers 20 sq feet
(ii) There are no windows in the walls

Ans: (e)

2. Two pipes A and B emptied into a reservoir , pipe A can fill the reservoir in 30 minutes by itself. How long it will take for pipe A and pipe B together to fill up the reservoir.
(i) By itself, pipe B can fill up the reservoir in 20 minutes
(ii) Pipe B has a larger cross-sectional area than pipe A

Ans: (a)

3. Fifty students have signed up for atleast one of the courses GERMAN & ENGLISH, how many of the 50 students are taking GERMANI but not ENGLISH?
(i). 16 students are taking GERMANI & ENGLISH
(ii). The number of students taking ENGLISH but not GERMAN is the same as the number of students taking GERMAN

Ans: (c)

4. Find x+2y
(i). x+y=10
(ii). 2x+4y=20

Ans: (b)

5. Was Melissa Brown’s novel published?
(i). If Melissa Brown’s novel was published she would receive atleast $1000 in royalities during 1978
(ii). Melissa Brown’s income for 1978 was over $1000

Ans: (e)

6. A man 6 feet tall is standing near a light on the top of a pole What is the length of the shadow cast by the man.
(i) The pole is 18 feet high
(ii) The man is 12 feet from the pole

Ans: (c)

7. How much does John weigh? Jim weighs 200 pounds.
(i) Toms weight plus Moes weight equal to John’s weight.
(ii) John’s weight plus Moe’s weight equal to Twice Tom’s weight.

Ans: (c)

9. x and y are integers that are both less than 10. Is x>y?
(i). x is a multiple of 3
(ii). y is a multiple of 2

Ans: (e)

10. Is angle BAC is a right angle
(i) AB=2BC
(2) BC=1.5AC

Ans: (e)

11. Is x greater than y
(i) x=2k
(ii) k=2y

Ans: (e)

12. A piece of string 6 feet long is cut into three smaller pieces. How long is the longest of the three pieces?
(i). Two pieces are the same length.
(ii) One piece is 3 feet 2 inches lone

Ans: (b)

13. Does every bird fly?
(i) Tigers do not fly.
(ii) Ostriches do not fly

Ans: (b)

14. K is an integer. Is K is divisible by 12
(i) K is divisible by 4
(ii) K is divisible by 3

Ans: (c)

15. What is the distance from A to B
(i) A is 15 miles from C
(2) C is 25 miles from B

Ans: (e)

Data Interpretation - Practice Ex.

Table Chart:-

Examples 1-5 are based on this Table Chart.

The following chart is a record of the performance of a baseball team for the first seven weeks of the season.

Games Won/ Games Lost/ Total No.of Games Played
First Week 5/ 3/ 8
Second Week 4/ 4/ 16
Third Week 5/ 2/ 23
Fourth Week 6/ 3/ 32
Fifth Week 4/ 2/ 38
Sixth Week 3/ 3/ 44
Seventh Week 2/ 4/ 50

Example 1
How many games did the team win during the first seven weeks?

(A) 32
(B) 29
(C) 25
(D) 21
(E) 50

Choice B is correct. To find the total number of games won, add the number of games won for all the weeks, 5 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 29.

Example 2
What percent of the games did the team win?

(A) 75%
(B) 60%
(C) 58%
(D) 29%
(E) 80%

Choice C is correct. The team won 29 out of 50 games or 58%.

Example 3
According to the chart, which week was the worst for the team?

(A) second week
(B) fourth week
(C) fifth week
(D) sixth week
(E) seventh week

Choice E is correct. The seventh week was the only week that the team lost more games than it won.

Example 4
Which week was the best week for the team?

(A) first week
(B) third week
(C) fourth week
(D) fifth week
(E) sixth week

Choice B is correct. During the third week, the team won 5 games and lost 2, or it won about 70% of the games that week. Compared with the winning percentages for other weeks, the third week’s was the highest.

Example 5
If there are fifty more games to play in the season, how many more games must the team win to end up winning 70% of the games?

(A) 39
(B) 35
(C) 41
(D) 34
(E) 32

Choice C is correct. To win 70% of all the games, the team must win 70 out of 100. Since it won 29 games out of the first 50 games, it must win (70 - 29) or 41 games out of the next 50 games.