Taking and analyzing practice TOEFL tests is only a part of comprehensive plan for TOEFL preparation. In addition, you should continue to work on improving your global level of English fluency, keep in good physical shape, and relax and enjoy American culture.

Fortunately, there are many activities in which you can combine two or even all three of these goals.

Below are some specific suggestions for activities to build skills for specific parts of the TOEFL:

- Listening
- Listen to the radio
- Watch TV
- Go to the movies
- Use the telephone (in English)
- Buy books on tape
- Go to bars or restaurants and eavesdrop
- Look in the Boston Globe Calendar for lectures, readings or free classes
- Visit the courthouse
- Start conversations with strangers
- Get a job or volunteer

Study the list of most frequently tested grammar points, and then…
- Look for grammar exercises in your favorite grammar book on those points
- When you read, identify sentence components
- Practice writing TOEFL grammar questions
- Study lists of regularities, such as make/do, infinitive/gerund, etc.

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
- Read for pleasure, EVERY day or night
- Read the newspaper and look up 5 new words each day
- Own an English language dictionary and thesaurus and USE them
- Study the list of reading passage topics, and…
- Read popular science articles whenever possible
- Read encyclopedia articles on science and history
- Read introductory-level college textbooks
- Become familiar with English roots, prefixes and suffixes
- Buy a television with close-captioning
- Get on-line and read electronically on the Internet

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